Almiron 1 0-6 Months Easypack 800gr


1st infant milk for healthy, full-term infants from 0-6 months. Breast milk is the ideal food for the baby. In case breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient, Nutricia offers you Almiron 1. In such an important period as the first half of life, during which the baby is exclusively fed with milk, Almiron 1 covers the special nutritional his needs. It is administered as an exclusive food if breastfeeding is impossible or in combination with breast milk. Almiron 1 contains Pronutra ™ – Advance which combines the pioneering process of making infant milk and a unique blend of ingredients: LCP Nucleotides (DHA) GOS / FOS: Milk- and Fructo-Oligosaccharide Mixture.

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