Almiron Growing Up 2+ Years 1L


Specially designed infant milk drink in liquid form, for infants from the 2nd year. Even after the 2nd year, infants show increased physical and mental development. Almiron Growing Up is a baby milk drink specially designed to meet the needs of a varied and balanced diet and is the right choice for you who want the best for your baby. Its composition is enriched with Pronutra +, a unique combination of selected ingredients, which naturally contributes to a healthy immune system. * More specifically, Almiron Growing Up contains: – More vitamin D and Iron than the common cow’s milk drink – Appropriate amount of protein (Recommended quantity> 2g / 100ml) – 9G 1 certified prebiotic mixture scGOS / lcFOS (the only one approved by the EU) – Recommended content of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (DHA) that contribute to the normal development of the brain Almiron contains vitamins A, C and D that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system

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