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Carroten Omega Tan & Protect Suncare Oil SPF30 125ml


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As suncare experts, Carroten create suncare products that contain advanced suncare and cosmetic technology, providing secure protection and gorgeous tan, while offering deep care to the skin.

TANNING TECHNOLOGY: Advanced intensive tanning system (Infinite Tan System: Carrot + Coconut Oils), that enhances tan acceleration, providing a deep, rich and radiant sun-kissed color.
SUN CARE TECHNOLOGY: 3ple enhanced protection system (UVB+UVA+IRA), for broad sun protection from the largest spectrum of harmful UV and infrared radiation, responsible for premature ageing and other skin damages.

Omega Care Suncare Oil SPF30 is enriched with Omega Care complex (Omega 3,6,7,9 fatty acids + chrysanthemum extract) that helps skin retain its optimum moisture levels, while a blend of rich tanning oils, enhance the tanning process for a sun-kissed glowing skin.

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