Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor


The Mach3 Turbo features an innovative precision head which adapts to the contours of your face. This allows for a close and precise shave from all angles. This makes shaving around jawlines, chins and cheekbones that much simpler. The handle itself is built to an ergonomic design with easy-grip elastomer points so that you can achieve expert control even when wet.

The Mach3 Turbo features Gillette’s sharp blade edges. Coated with an innovative TUT (Thin Uniform Telomer) layer, the blades are able to cut through the toughest stubble with a low cutting force. With these intricately designed 3blade cartridges, each hair is cut up to three times in one shaving stroke. The blades are not only strong, but they also stay sharp for long.

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