Johnson’s Baby Oil 300ml


Ideal for you and your baby after a hot bath, Johnson’s® Baby Oil 300ml seals up to 10 times more moisture, leaving the skin smooth and soft. • Hypoallergenic *, with balanced pH for the skin • Checked by pediatricians and dermatologists • Free of dyes, parabens, phthalates and alcohol. • Clinically proven gentle composition that has been developed especially for the sensitive skin of babies • Mild and gentle daily care • Moisturizes and protects sensitive skin from dryness • Ideal for baby massage. Newborn babies have extremely sensitive skin. For this reason, for over 125 years we have been constantly improving the composition of our products, in order to offer you the softest care. Baby Oil seals 10 times more moisture **, leaving sensitive skin smooth and healthy. Develop strong bonds with your baby through touch! Use Baby Oil for baby massage and enjoy a relaxing experience that strengthens your relationship with your baby. Product suitable for older children or adults! We choose only high quality ingredients that are gentle on baby skin. That’s why we tried and ruled out more than 400 ingredients that do not meet our Best for Baby πρό standards. * Composition that minimizes the risk of allergies. ** On wet skin compared to common lotions used on dry skin.

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