“Majuni” Greek Herb Liqueur 700ml


Enigmatic and unique like no other, this mysterious elixir with the signature bittersweet flavor is made using more than 15 different herbs, spices, roots and flowers from across the country of Greece. After careful distillation, extraction and maturing, the potent botanicals give this authentic Greek spirit a complex character, with divergent yet balanced flavors and a vibrant amber color.

The spices dominate the nose. Thyme and ginger are accompanied by botanical notes of sage and citrus fruits. Enigmatic and unique, angelica root and licorice join in, toeing the line between bitter and sweet. Majuni is as complicated as life itself: bitter and sweet at the same time – but always harmonious.

It can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in inventive cocktails, constantly challenging bartenders – those modern alchemists of the night – to release its enchanting character.

It pairs beautifully with cola, tonic and other mixers, for refreshing long drinks; it breathes new life into old favorites; it inspires creative new twists, adding depth with its rich, botanical flavor to so many drinks – even to coffee.


50ml Majuni, 100ml Coca-Cola, lime squeeze

Pour Majuni in a Collins glass with a large ice cube. Top up with Coca-Cola. Squeeze lime on top. Serve with a lemon wedge


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