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Mythic Kingdom Gani Rose 750ml


The Ghani estate is again playing with the Greek varieties and is experimenting with an excellent result. An easy-to-drink wine from vines with low acreage yield and with relatively low pressures and here is the result.

Pink salmon with its highlights on the edge of purple. His nose swings between strawberry, cherry and tomato, quince. The clean lines of the aromatic bouquet find their continuation in the palette of the mouth. This is dominated by the power of acidity, which gives a very long, metallic aftertaste.

In the middle of Domokos, below the mountain range of Kassidiaris, in the area of ​​Vardali, around 1920, the relationship of the Gani family with wine begins, when Kostas Ganis plants the first small vineyard with local varieties, formed in cup.

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