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Pampers Splashers No 3-4 12pcs


With Pampers Splashers disposable swimwear, your baby can enjoy as many dives as he wants. Pampers Splashers do not swell in water like regular diapers and fit perfectly on your baby’s body, either in or out of the water. For safe protection in the water, the Double Side Splashers Dual Leak-Guard Barriers fit snugly around your baby’s feet, preventing leaks and making diapers perfect for the pool, the sea, water slides and more. Only Pampers Splashers are designed with a 360 ° elastic band, to fit like a swimsuit and be easy to wear, even when wet. In addition, the Splashers have Easy-Tear sides, which tear and come out easily for less leakage, while their adorable designs, inspired by water toys, make them look like real swimsuits. Pampers Splashers make playing in the water even more fun.

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